[Samba] Cups and Samba Access Denied

jared at kfh.org jared at kfh.org
Wed Dec 31 19:34:45 GMT 2003

I purchased the Samba 3.0 book and it has gotten me pretty far but I finally
had to go to the mailing list for this problem.

Here is the issue, I am running Debian (woody) with samba 3.0.1-2 and cupsys
1.1.14-5 I have also installed cupsys-bsd cupsys-client and smbclient
foomatic-bin and as2ps follwing this
http://excess.org/docs/linux_windows_printing.html advice. Samba is running
in Domain mode and I can log on to the network and connect to file shares
just fine.

Here is the issue: My printer will show up if in my xp box if I browse the
entire network, but if I double click it or right click on it, I get
"Operation could not be completed. access denied". I have managed to connect
to this printer by adding a local printer in XP and choosing the create port
option. But if I choose network option it asks me for a user name and
password and I get access denied. I have raw printing running and when I
create the port it seems to be working fine but for some reason I cannot
instlal it like a network printer on a NT box. Here the parts of my smb.conf

### 1.4 - Printing ###

  printing = cups
  printcap name = cups
  load printers = yes
    # If you want to automatically load your printer list rather
    # than setting them up individually then you'll need this.

  show add printer wizard = yes

  comment = All Printers
  browseable = yes
  path = /home/spooler
  printable = yes
  public = yes
  writable = no
  guest ok = no
  printer admin = jared, @IT
  create mode = 0700
  use client driver = yes
  print command = lpr -r -oraw -P%p %s

    # Some Windows clients will look for this share to hold
    # printer drivers.
  comment = Printer Drivers
  path = /home/drivers
  browseable = yes
  read only = yes
  guest ok = yes
  read only = yes
  write list = jared, @administrators

I log in as jared for testing purposes. I have the print$ share up with all
the proper directories but I do not have any drivers installed, this is
becuase when I try to do it through XP I get "Operation could not be
completed. access denied".

Thanks for any insight and if you want my entire smb.conf let me know.

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