[Samba] winbind running in PDC Samba server

Fermín Galán Márquez fermin.galan at agora-2000.com
Wed Dec 31 08:45:02 GMT 2003


HOWTO chapter 21 describes the use of winbind daemon in a Samba domain
member Server, but it's possible (and desirable) to run winbind in a PDC
Samba server? The question is due to it that in that case it seems it is not
necessary winbind for authenticate/mapping users against a external WinNT4
PDC, the Samba PDC perform authentication itself (and the mapping its not
necessary, because Samba run in UNIX, where each user/group have an

What about when there is a trust relationship between Samba domain and an
external WinNT4 domain? (I think in this case winbind could be necessary, to
assign SID in the WinNT4 domain to users of the Samba PDC domain, but I'm
not sure).

Thanks in advance!


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