[Samba] Samba panic in encoding

Juer Lee juer.lee at raidtec.ie
Wed Dec 31 03:12:54 GMT 2003

Thanks, Jeremy.

Sorry it is nearly 20 days late to reply this email.

It seems there is no help to use Fedore glibc to solve this issue, but I
dont worry about this, since the case happens only when a share name
contains German characters and the share was created in Samba2.2.8a, while
Samba3.0.1 is running now..

However I worry about another issue just founded with my Samba3.0.1 server
running on RedHat 7.2 machine..
I have an environment with Win2k domain, there are two domain controllers in
Case 1:
If I join the domain in 'member' mode, there are no any problem to access
the share by the server hostname or IP address
Case 2:
If I join the domain in 'ads' mode, I can not access the share by the server
hostname from a Win2k machine which is in the domain, I am always prompted
by username / password input, as you can guess, no success when input what
ever valid user / password. While accessing share by IP address is OK.

Another clue is that if I have ONLY ONE domain controller in the domain,
there are NO problems to access the share by the server hostname or IP


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> On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 10:28:59AM +0800, Juer Lee wrote:
> > Ok, thanks, in the mean time, maybe I will try Fedora as well.
> Yes, if you can reproduce this with the Fedore glibc I'll be
> *very* interested.
> Jeremy.

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