[Samba] nbp hell

Romeyn Prescott prescor at digirom.potsdam.edu
Tue Dec 30 16:06:40 GMT 2003

At 3:29 AM +0000 12/30/03, Andrew Bartlett scribbled:
>On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 at 08:36:30PM -0500, Romeyn Prescott wrote:
>>  Greetings,
>>  I spent the better part of a day tracking down a rather annoying
>>  problem.  I would like someone more knowledgeable than myself to
>>  confirm this diagnosis.
>>  I have a RH 8.0 Linux box with three NICS.  I had been developing it
>>  testing with an XP box.  Everything seemed groovy.
>>  Today I went to put it into "production" and Win98 clients were
>>  having all sorts of problems.
>>  eth2 is the system's "default" interface.  eth1 is used for netatalk,
>>  and eth2 for samba.  I have used the interfaces and nind interfaces
>>  only options in smb.conf.
>You have 3 interfaces onto the same LAN?  You fill find that you are
>only really using one of them, as the system will accept ARP requests
>on all for all IPs.

Problem solved.  It turned out to be a faulty routing table. eth0 had 
no route to my network, so "stuff" was just leaking out the other 
interfaces, I guess.  Once I fixed that, everything started working 
as expected.

I don't care what the system does with broadcast traffic.  I just 
wanted samba and netatalk traffic segregated.  This box is my lab 
images server.


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