[Samba] Slow browsing through Windows Explorer

Sharp, Clint clint.sharp at attws.com
Mon Dec 29 22:06:33 GMT 2003

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> Clint,
> >
> > We may have different problems.  You were doing this w/o 
> the folders 
> > bar in Windows Explorer right?
> Not sure what you mean here.  I'm just in explore mode of 
> Windows Explorer.

In windows explorer, under View->Explorer Bar->Folders, is this checked?
If so, uncheck it and go to the server via \\servername\share again and
see if takes a long time still.  This will tell you if it's a browsing
related issue, as with the folders explorer bar open, it's attempting to
build a browse list for the workgroup.

> >
> > Also, these machines are in a workgroup setting?  Is your 
> machine on a 
> > domain or in the same workgroup?
> I'm on a domain,  I have another box RedHat (LINK) that is my 
> PDC.  Which is working when the XP Client logs in, it has a 
> netlogon share which maps the
> H: and the Y: drives to Morpheus and Unreal respectivly.
> Have you done an nmblookup -M -- - or
> > findsmb to determine which machine is your master browser?
> No,  I think this is a good place to start.  I did restart 
> Samba on Morpheus and bumped up the log level to 2 and now 
> I'm getting this.
> [2003/12/29 15:27:44, 2]
> nmbd/nmbd_nameregister.c:register_name_timeout_response(199)
> register_name_timeout_response: WINS server at address 
> is not responding.
> is LINK which is my PDC that I've also told to be 
> a wins server in the smb.conf file.

Make sure on the machine you think is your WINS Server you set wins
support = yes instead of wins server = yes, as the wins server is the
parameter for telling a machine which IP to query for WINS.  I have a
feeling this is setup wrong which is why you're having a problem
browsing and thus it's slow in Windows.


> This sounds
> > like a browsing related issue, and you have to have a 
> reachable master 
> > browser for the workgroup/domain of the machine you're 
> attempting to 
> > connect to so that Windows can pull the browse list, 
> otherwise it'll 
> > take forever before timing out.  Maybe someone else here has more 
> > experience at this than I do, but that's what it seems like to me.
> >
> > Clint

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