[Samba] Problems accessing Linux Shares

Ferindo Middleton Jr fmiddletonjr at netscape.net
Mon Dec 29 00:31:04 GMT 2003

I use Redhat Linux 9, SWAT version 2.2.7a-8.9.0 , and Samba version
2.2.7a-8.9.0. I have one Windows 2000 and one XP system that use the
linuxbox as a filserver. There are various access problems with the
Windows machines getting access to the Samba shares.

The Windows2000 machine accesses the Linux shares fine (requiring
authentication for each share and giving access rights based on the
local acces rights of the user/password combination provided from the
windows machine to access the linux share)....

However, when at the Windows XP machine, the WindowsXP system can
'see' the host and it's shares on the network (my LAN) but when I
double-click on the share, I get a Windows error message saying it
cannot 'find the path' to the network share...

Why is this happening?


Ferindo Middleton, Jr.
Chief Architect
Sleekcollar Internet Application & Artistic Visualizations
ferindo.middleton at sleekcollar.com

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