[Samba] protection fault in APW (properties menu)

Yann Kerhervé yk at cyberion.net
Sun Dec 28 03:09:05 GMT 2003


I've set up an HP-PSC-2210 printer share accordingly to the
Samba-HOWTO-Collection on a debian/testing.
Everything works fine until the step "6.8.2. IMPORTANT! Setting Device
Modes on new Printers"

As soon as I hit the 'properties' menu of the printer,
Windows displays the following message :

"function address 0x606309ee caused a protection fault. (exception
code 0xc00000005) Some or all property page(s) may not be displayed."

While searching google, I saw a message about bugs in earlier versions,
so I upgraded to the last debian packages of the samba ftp. Since then,
another error disappeared of the logs : 

"[2003/12/28 02:10:36, 0] lib/util_str.c:safe_strcpy_fn(577)
  ERROR: NULL dest in safe_strcpy"


the protection fault is still popping up on windows' side (and prevent
any usage of the printer)

Am I doing something wrong ?

Thank You,


Some details about my setup : 
printer : HP-PSC-2210 working smoothly on the linux side
windows : W2K
drivers installed on the windows side from the HP CD v1.30 and get
back using smbclient/rpcclient
printing system : lprng (cups did the same error on my box, yesterday IIRC)
rosbras:/var/lib/samba# smbd -V
Version 3.0.1

rosbras:/var/lib/samba# uname -a
Linux rosbras 2.4.20-1-686 #1 Sat Mar 22 13:16:21 EST 2003 i686 GNU/Linux

apt sources : 
# samba bin 2003/12/28
deb http://samba.epfl.ch/samba/ftp/Binary_Packages/Debian/samba3/ stable main
deb http://www.logic.univie.ac.at/~ametzler/debian/gnutls/ woody/

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