[Samba] OS X Panther and Samba 3 give me no access to a 2003 share :(

DashKappei dashkappei76 at tiscali.it
Wed Dec 24 13:58:32 GMT 2003

I can't mount any windows 2003 share with Samba 3 included in OS X 10.3.
I suppose that the problem is Kerberos but I just don't know how to
correct my configuration (on win2k3 and/or OS X). Here's an example of
what I get if I try to mount a share:

osxcli:~ root# mount_smbfs -U testusr1 -W TESTW2K3 //main/testusr1
mount_smbfs: No credentials cache found krb5_cc_get_principal
mount_smbfs: tree connect phase failed: syserr = Permission denied

File system permissions (as well as share permissions) are properly
configured and, above all, even if I try to connect with -U
administrator (with admin password) I get that kind of error :(

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