[Samba] Trying to use LDAP: Failed to bind to server: Invalid Credentials

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Tue Dec 23 16:47:59 GMT 2003

On Tue, 23 Dec 2003 johnmurphy at ntlworld.com wrote:

> I'm using RedHat 9 and Samba 3.01rc2. I'm working through the Samba Howto on LDAP but I've no experience of LDAP and I'm struggling to understand what is needed. At the moment when I try to change or set a password with smbpasswd, I get the message "failed to bind to server with dn = etc: Invalid credentials".
> So can someone clarify any of these points for me.
> 1. About the “ldap admin dn “ setting in smb.conf.
> I’ve put
> ldap admin dn = “cn=Manager,ou=People,dc=IT,dc=local”
> as a modification of the example in the Howto. Where they have used
> “quenya and com” I have used “IT and local”. Are the quote marks needed?

Do not use the quotes.

> Does this have to match a setting in either the slapd.conf or LFIF file
> used to initialise the database and could this account for the “Invalid
> Credentials” message?

Manager is super-user. admin is able to change only Samba Accounts.

> Or could it be the password?
> 2. The password I use is “colafoo”. So I’ve typed “smbpasswd –w
> colafoo”. In my slapd.conf file there are two lines starting rootpw.
> Should either of these be set to colafoo.  They were both commented out.
> On the other hand there are three lines in the LDIF file starting
> “userPassword:  {SSHA}”. I generated the password using “slappasswd –s
> colafoo” and put the result into the files. Have I made an error there?

You need in your slapd.conf file one rootpw, it should have the password
output from running slappasswd. You must include the {SSHA} portion.

> Finally
> 3. The LDIF file contains references to “Setting up admin handle for People OU”
> “dn: cn=admin etc”. What is the difference between Manager and admin?

Manager is the system-wide super-user, admin can administer the People

- John T.

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> John Murf
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