Getting Spam from mailing List: [Samba] Notice for you

James McDonald james at
Mon Dec 22 13:05:22 GMT 2003

Sven bentlage wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> since I subscribed to this mailing list (about two days ago) I`m 
> receiving the attached message about 5-10 times a  day.
> Has anybody had the same problem? And how can the problem be solved??
> Best regads,
> Sven
> P.S.: In case anybody wonders, the email address used to subscribe to 
> the mailing list has never been used before.
I noticed a very large upswing in spam after being subscribed here 
several days also. In fact it seems that the anti virus servers are 
sending back message denied signals also, which makes the traffic worse.

is there an admin on this list who is concerned with SPAM/Antivirus 
filtering. If so can they please have a look at this.

Of course this being a samba list, there must be more of you using 
outlook and m$ mail software which would explain it... So please patch 
patch your clients also....

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