[Samba] cancelling interdomain trusts

Beast indorama at rad.net.id
Mon Dec 22 07:57:12 GMT 2003

Monday, December 22, 2003, 1:40:12 PM, Craig wrote:

> # smbpasswd -x -i MULLEN

Me myself did not 'trust' smbpasswd or pdbedit tools to modify any
attributes in ldap, because most account are not samba specific account only.

better to write your own script for better control of ldap entry.
> Learning Samba 3 (so much has changed from 2.2x) simultaneously with
> LDAP has been a numbing experience. Methinks that there are config stuff
> for smb3 that aren't in LDAP db - possibly in secrets.tdb - sort of
> samba's equiv to the Windows registry. Don't mind passwords, but where
> do they hide the things like group mapping and domain trusts? I probably
> should have 'nuked' the secrets.tdb but I'm tired, chicken and perhaps
> someone will shine light in the dark corners.

groupmapping is stored in ldap, see sambaGroupMapping objectclass.


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