[Samba] question

dhiman das dhiman at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 20 03:21:27 GMT 2003

hi, i am completely new to using linux(i use red hat8) and samba.
after configuring and running samba to connect( i use linneighborhood) my 
main windows machine(not a server, just one of the two machine that forms my 
home network), I could use the internet connection and the folders that were 
allowed to be shared on the windows machine.
however the internet connection (using a telephone based modem on he windows 
machine) gave me a thought ..... is it possible to access the sound, video, 
tv tuner card on the windows machine
from he linux machine on the network.
the solution or the possible lack of it will help me understand more about 
how linux/neworking works
and would be highly appreciated

dhiman das

Dhiman Das                                      dhiman at hotmail.com

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