[Samba] Re: help with winbind/pam

Charles McLaughlin cmclaughlin at ucdavis.edu
Sat Dec 20 03:19:42 GMT 2003

I got it to work, but when I log in with the root account, I have to type in
the password three times:

login:  <type root>
password: <type password>   --> doesn't work:
password:  <type password>  --> doesn't work:
password:  <type password>  --> third time works

So I guess the root user is not part of the NT domain, but the way I've
edited my /etc/pam.d/ files specifies that authentication against the NT
domain occur first, then it falls back to local authentication.

I noticed the use_first_password option mentioned in the manpage.  But I
don't have a /lib/security/pam_pwdb.so file on my system.  Is that part of
some extra package that I need to install?  Can I use the use_first_password
with a different pam module?

Thanks for any advice!


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