[Samba] Re: Problem joining an XP workstation to a domain

Dan Gapinski dangapinski at qsi-r2.com
Fri Dec 19 21:26:39 GMT 2003

Didn't hear anything on this - hope this doesn't bother anyone if I resubmit
the question.


I am using Red Hat 9 with the default version of Samba (2.2.7a, no LDAP
authentication) and I screwed up the naming of one of my computers by
running a SID's whilst giving birth to a sick man's brain fart. I'd like to
restore the SID database to an older, known-good one, but when I have tried
to restore an older secrets.tdb & restart the Samba service, I attempt to
connect the client to the domain & continue to get the same "The specified
user does not exist" error.

Any thoughts on what I should do now?

Thanks for your time,

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