[Samba] Can some files be invisible to some users?

AndyLiebman at aol.com AndyLiebman at aol.com
Fri Dec 19 18:14:50 GMT 2003

This may or may not be relevant to Samba -- hiding files, permissions, etc. 

I have half a dozen Windows XP video editing workstations all accessing the 
same data on my Linux Box. Each video editing worstation ideally would like to 
create it's own index of the video files in the shared directory. The video 
editing program stores the index data in a file that it HAS to write to the same 
directory where the media itself is. 

Does anybody know of a way to let each workstation write it's own index file 
(they all have to have the same name -- i.e., data.mdb) and put them in a 
common directory -- yet have each machine's file point to different data? 

Similarly, each machine needs a directory for temporary storage of captured 
video files (the directory is called "creating") but the machines don't like to 
share the same directory. Again, this directory has to be a sub-directory of 
the one with the media files. 

Is there a solution to my problem?  I have a workaround that keeps the 
machines from interfering with each other -- but it's a little clunky and I'm 
seeking a more elegant solution. 

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