[Samba] Wins registration vanishes

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Thu Dec 18 19:49:12 GMT 2003


You do not give much information to go on. Let me try my crystal ball
again. ... Hmmm. ... Well, I guess you are running a version of
Samba-2.2.x that is between 2.2.0 and 2.2.6. If that is the case, you
really should update to at least 2.2.8a. We fixed a specific WINS bug a
long time ago (well it seems a long time ago - at least 1 year back).

Do let me know how my crystall ball is going. :)

John T.

On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, Neal Giger wrote:

> Has anyone seen this yet?
> I am having a problem with the my WINS entry for my Samba server disappearing from the WINS
> database.  After this takes place I am no longer able to access my Samba server so I am forced to
> restart NMBD and a new entry is placed in the WINS database.  Although over time this entry will
> vanish again and I have to repeat the restart process.  I am aware that I can add a static entry
> into my WINS database for this but I don't think this is the correct fix and would like to know why
> this is happening.  I have come across this issue on several occasions in the past does anybody else
> have this problem.
> Regards
> Neal Giger
> ngiger at hypercom.com
> Unix Administrator
> Hypercom Corp.
> www.hypercom.com

John H Terpstra
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