[Samba] W2K and Linux ADS?

Hansjoerg Maurer Hansjoerg.Maurer at dlr.de
Thu Dec 18 12:18:20 GMT 2003


samba can NOT replace a MS AD server.
Samba with version 3.0 can be part of an AD controlled Domain in native 
AD mode.
Samba can act as a nearly full featured NT4 Domain Controller instead,
which may be enough in many situations.



i.klaric at softsolution.ch wrote:

>I want to make a Linux Samba Server with an Active Directory on it for replacing a W2K Active Directory Server! All Windows Client should have access
>same before the only difference should be the linux server and not any more a W2K server from microsoft!
>Can someone help me with links and tips how to make that and have someone make this implementation linux active directory samba server allready? I
>want to have a complete active directory on the linux server and it should replicate the old W2K active directory to the linux server!
>Thank you for your help!
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