Offensive Email - [Samba] Teenager p0rn0 v.3

fw_admin at fw_admin at
Thu Dec 18 12:12:06 GMT 2003

This message has not been delivered to your intended recipient(s)  as it is in quarantine at Air New Zealand. 
Automated Scanning tools have detected content in this message that appears not to conform to the airline's E-mail usage policy. 

Sometimes these tools detect in error so if this is a valid business email please forward this "reject" message to your original recipient who can then arrange for the complete message to be delivered to them.  

    Message:  B0015cfa36.00000001.mml
    From:     samba at
    To:       andrew.wilshire at
    Subject:  [Samba] Teenager p0rn0 v.3

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