[Samba] Winbindd

trogl at shaw.ca trogl at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 17 17:56:53 GMT 2003

>   * a Samba server that is a member of a Windows domain should
>     run winbindd to allocate IDs for users/groups in its own
>     domain and trusted domains.
In my specific situation, the UNIX id's are set up first so they don't conflict with legacy systems/GIDs/UIDs, NT user names match the UNIX user names and users maintain their own UNIX and NT passwords separately ie. it's up to them to make them the same.  Is this specific situation, winbindd is going to do more harm than good, if I understand correctly.  Right?

If it's only a member server then it would have to be getting its information from the resource domain BDC and by the definition above this information is all wrong (other than the username and password) so it would be pointless.  Or am I missing something?

Where does PAM fit into this?

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