[Samba] mounting samba shares on linux with non-ascii dirs

??????? ???????? aga at rsm.ru
Wed Dec 17 14:49:23 GMT 2003

> Give up on the Linux smbfs kernel module (which isn't part of Samba
> BTW, but part of the Linux kernel), and try the Linux cifsfs module
> instead.  See:
> http://www.samba.org/samba/Linux_CIFS_client.html

Is it possible to build or download the cifs module w/o affecting kernel 
sources? I mean we have strait binary installation of RH9 and kernel is 
the same as in distibution. Or it is really need to change something 
inside default RH9 kernel?

> It may not solve your problems, but if it doesn't you can go to your
> local Linux kernel mailing list, or thelinux-cifs-client mailing list
> for help.

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