[Samba] A domain controller for the domain could not be contacted (2.2.3a-12.3 for Debian)

Fabien Chevalier fabien.chevalier at supelec.fr
Wed Dec 17 12:31:37 GMT 2003

Le Wednesday 17 December 2003 13:20, Eduard Witteveen a écrit :
> Fabien Chevalier wrote:
> >Please send your ipconfig /all.
> I attached the output
> >I suppose something's wrong in your network settings.
> >Are you using Dhcp or static Ip?
> Dhcp. (look in the output)
> The linux server (nemo) has ip-number
> Eduard Witteveen

Ok, thanks.

I think your Samba server hasn't been registered to your wins server,
thus when trying to join the domain, your workstation falls back to dns...which obviously fails.

Try to add "wins server =" to your smb.conf,
and let us know if it works...

Good luck,

Fabien Chevalier

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