[Samba] I'm confused. What is winbindd supposed to get me?

Greg Dickie greg at justaguy.ca
Wed Dec 17 01:39:45 GMT 2003


  winbind is used to "import" accounts from a windows machine. If all your 
accounts already exist on the samba machine then you don't need winbind. If 
you had a disjoint set of users on the samba machine and the windows machine 
then you would be able to see the union set by using winbind.

Does that help at all?

On Tuesday 16 December 2003 20:09, trogl at shaw.ca wrote:
> I've got a Samba member server as part of a Windows NT domain.  User
> accounts have the same name in both domain.  I was having all sorts of
> trouble when winbindd was running with wierd groups showing up.
> I happened to screw up the winbindd configuration without noticing causing
> it to crash, but I ran snmd and nmbd anyway and suddenly everything started
> working perfectly.
> The docs say you MUST run winbindd.
> I'm confused.

Greg Dickie
just a guy
greg at justaguy.ca

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