[Samba] Perhaps a few too many questions

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Tue Dec 16 21:11:04 GMT 2003

Red Hat AS 3.0 - samba 3.0.0

Existing NT Domain - joined domain with net join command and have SID

have set up LDAP and imported Unix users / passwords and seems to work

Now - want to set up with samba.schema - my intentions are to make the
samba machine the domain controller and handle logins / users - etc.

1 - Should I be using the migration scripts that came with samba? I
actually will probably just ultimately delete most of the Users in the
existing domain but a few, such as Administrator, I will want to keep.

2 - Should I 'promote' the Samba machine to be PDC 'before' I run the
scripts or after?

3 - Can I expect the now PDC (WinNT) eventually to become the BDC to
work with the Samba server and synchronize the User/Group/Policies?

4 - Is there any reason to use Kerberos if I don't try to emulate AD and
just keep it a WinNT type domain?

5 - Will I still have to change the signorseal items in the WindowsXP
machines before I can join them to the domain?


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