[Samba] Logging Print Jobs

Bodhi bodhi at tekmonk.com
Tue Dec 16 20:35:14 GMT 2003

I am a technology coordinator for a school in Western Ohio, and I am
wanting to log print jobs to a file for review (ensuring students and
staff) are utilizing our equipment properly (At the request of my boss).

I found this in a thread..but I need some more information...or clearer
instructions.  I just want to output this same informaton to a file for
each printer.  Thanks in Advance. -Bodhi

I have been given the task of logging everything which is printed on my
samba server.  I thought I would test this out on a pdf printer I'm using
with samba.  I enter the following line for the print command.
      %u has printed %s from %m to %p at %T >> /tmp/smbprintlog &&
/usr/bin/printpdf %s
The result is similar to the following.
      joe has printed smbprn.004603.Zqq9tZ from wilmsn44 to pdftech at
2003/11/09 12:26:03
The resulting log entry is very good with the exception of %s which gives
the spool file name and not the name of the actual file.  Is there a
to place the actual filename of the printjob into this type of log?


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