[Samba] Problem Using Windows XP Pro w/Samba

Patrick Shoaf pshoaf at model-cleaners.com
Tue Dec 16 18:09:46 GMT 2003

Thank you all.  I figured there was some tweaking that had to be done.  The 
info you provided and the link to http://www.ccs.uky.edu/docs/samba.htm 
proved to be just what the doctor ordered.  Thanks again for all the help.

Patrick Shoaf

At 11:12 AM 12/16/2003, Rob MacGregor wrote:
>>From: Patrick Shoaf <pshoaf at model-cleaners.com>
>>I tried today to setup WinXP Pro to logon to my Linux Domain Server 
>>running RedHat Enterprise 2.1 with samba version 2.2.8a.  WinXP is 
>>complaining it can not locate the domain server or is unable to 
>>authenticate with the server.  Everything is working fine for Win9x, 
>>Win2k, and WinNT systems.
>>When setting up the XP system it was able to connect and create a system 
>>account (jeff-system).
>>Can anyone point me to where/how to identify and solve the problem?
>AFAIK the details are in the documentation, however...
>In the Local Security Policy, under Security Options ensure you set the 
>"Domain Member: Digitally sign... (always)" options to disabled.
>You can find details by trawling for "sign or seal xp" on google.
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