[Samba] Patch to Samba 3.0.1?

Ganguly, Sapan Sapan.Ganguly at thalesgroup.com
Tue Dec 16 14:00:25 GMT 2003

Uhm, if you mean have I configured /etc/nsswitch.conf, yes the important
lines look like this -

Passwd: files winbind
Group: files winbind
Hosts: files dns

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> Ah!  I've made a discovery, if I put the NT user I am trying to log in 
> as into /etc/passwd then it will allow me to log in with the user's NT 
> password.  This isn't supposed to be the way it works right?  I 
> shouldn't have to have the users in /etc/passwd, that's the whole 
> point of winbind, right?

You have to have the users in NSS.  Do you have winbind configured as a NSS

> It still won't create the home drives on the fly though.
> Can anyone help me now?  I don't seem to get any logs like I do on 
> Redhat.

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