[Samba] Problem Using Windows XP Pro w/Samba

Patrick Shoaf pshoaf at model-cleaners.com
Tue Dec 16 13:27:14 GMT 2003

I tried today to setup WinXP Pro to logon to my Linux Domain Server running 
RedHat Enterprise 2.1 with samba version 2.2.8a.  WinXP is complaining it 
can not locate the domain server or is unable to authenticate with the 
server.  Everything is working fine for Win9x, Win2k, and WinNT 
systems.  When setting up the XP system it was able to connect and create a 
system account (jeff-system).

Can anyone point me to where/how to identify and solve the problem?

Obviously, the best answer is not use MS junk, but I have no choice, some 
apps still are only available as MS FoxPro apps, which will never be 
available on Linux.

Would it help me to upgrade to Samba 3.0?

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pshoaf at model-cleaners.com

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