[Samba] Re: Unable to join Samba server to Win2k domain

Ivan Toh tohbc at scs.com.sg
Tue Dec 16 09:24:34 GMT 2003

Hi ,

It will be good if you can paste your krb5.conf and smb.conf with the
mail, so that we can see where you have gone wrong.
But just to double check some basic issues:

1) Are winbind and smb services restarted everytimes you did any changes
to the config files?
2) Since you are using AD mixed mode, instead of using net ads join ,
can you try net join -U Administrator?
3)By the way, did you try the method of adding Samba server into the
domain from the AD server?

Ivan Toh 

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> Anyone know what could cause all these problems or a straight solution

> how to solve them?

Upgraded to 3.0.1, and i still can't add my Samba server to the Windows
2000 domain. Same errors as described in my previous mail.

What information more than the one i supplied could be usefull if i
should add this as a bugreport?

Best regards Henrik

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