[Samba] W2k client using "synchronize" on a samba configured RH Linux 9 file server ...

Krister Ripstrand krister.ripstrand at telia.com
Tue Dec 16 08:54:03 GMT 2003

... does not work.

I use the W2k  functionality "synchronize" on my laptop to have up2date 
synchronized copies of  my files both at the laptop and the file server.
The file server is a P 200 MHz running RH Linux 9.
When on-line the synchronization of files works, except for my swedish 
letters "åäö". However when off-line working with my files, then 
reconnecting to the network and issuing a synchronization it fails. The 
updating of the files on the server fails.

Am I doing something wrong here or is the SMB protocol used by samba not 
up2date to support this W2k functionality?
My samba version is 3.0.0-2

regard s /Ripan

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