[Samba] Samba freezing network

Stefan G. Weichinger monitor at oops.co.at
Mon Dec 15 20:24:06 GMT 2003

Hello, David.Grudek at anixter.com,

Montag, 15. Dezember 2003, 20:45 you wrote:

DGac> I have testing debian with samba and while the linux server is on the
DGac> network the other systems on the network lock up and freeze for several
DGac> minutes then un freeze.  After I remove the debian box from the network it
DGac> does not freeze any of the other computers on the network.  Any help would
DGac> be appreciated.

Any DETAILS would be appreciated.

You donŽt tell us anything about versions, configs, parameters  .....

For example, is Samba PDC, BDC, stand-alone, Master Browser, ..... ?

This group is able to give vast amounts of useful information on all
kinds of Samba-issues if it is only given enough information about
your situation.

best regards,
Stefan G. Weichinger
mailto:monitor at oops.co.at

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