[Samba] When login on other machines on the domain, some link follow target

Michele Nicosia michele.nicosia at lastminutetour.com
Mon Dec 15 13:24:16 GMT 2003

Hi all,
	actually i've upgraded from 2.2.8a to 3.0.1pre3, solving a bad problem 
o file corruption.
Now i'm looking for a solution to another problem: when a normal user 
log on another machine, on the domain, when he return and logon onto his 
machine the path of some link resolve to the last logon machine.
Everything seems to be ok, the profile works, the path is ok, the logon 
script is runned, nothing seems to be out of order, but the link of some 
desktop icon remain on the last machine //machine/Program files/... and 
so on, while i need to have c:/... for every machine, because the 
installation are exactly the same.

Thank you.

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