[Samba] Problem: unable to vaildate passwort for user x in domain d to dc abc

Thomas.Schweikle at fiducia.de Thomas.Schweikle at fiducia.de
Mon Dec 15 12:00:14 GMT 2003


I am having some problems with XP-clients within a new domain. All of them
loging the following message:

domain_client_validate: unable to validate password for user X in domain
DOM to Domain controller ABC, Error was NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD.

other clients not within this domain do not have this problem. Could
anyone please explain what this means?

User/Password is known to ABC, since it resides in "/etc/samba/smbpasswd".
The user is created in both "/etc/passwd" and "/etc/samba/smbpasswd".

This new domain is a Windows 2K domain. The other, older domains are
Windows NT or OS/2.
Samba is version 2.2.8a

Clients are all Windows XP SP#1


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