[Samba] Solaris Winbind LDAP pam_mkhomedir.so

Ganguly, Sapan Sapan.Ganguly at thalesgroup.com
Mon Dec 15 08:22:56 GMT 2003

Dear list,

How do I test whether I have access to my winbind LDAP backend from my
Solaris 9 machine?  My LDAP database is held on a Redhat 9.0 machine also
running Samba 3.0.0.

I know winbind works because getent and wbinfo show up my NT users and

I would also like to have people log into my Solaris 9 machine with their NT
usernames, I have this working on Redhat already but Solaris is proving to
be a little more tricky.  I've copied a pam.conf from another post on this
mailing list but when I try to log in with an NT user name the process just
hangs after I type the password.  I don't see anything in the logs either.

I would also like to use pam_mkhomedir.so in my pam.conf so that when people
log in a home directory is automatically created but that's not going to
work until I can actually log in anyway.  
It was easy under Redhat.

Does anyone have any advice?  I'm going to look a bit silly if I can't make
this work.


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