[Samba] Folder Redirection with NT4 Domains

Kristyan Osborne kris at longhill.brighton-hove.sch.uk
Mon Dec 15 00:13:23 GMT 2003

The changes would be done on the network copy of the Default User directory under the netlogon share, rather than per machine. This is the method we have adopted. You could Kixtart to modify the registry on login for that user.
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	On Sun, 14 Dec 2003, Kristyan Osborne wrote:
	> Hiya,
	>  Redirecting My Documnets isn't a tricky one. Just right click ->
	> properties and change the target location. This is automatically done in
	> our network by changing the location in the default profile. This is
	> then applied to every user when they first logon. Do you mean Local
	> Settings or the Application Data folder. The Applications Data folder is
	> part of the profile anyway. I cant see why you would want to copy the
	> Local Settings directory with your profile.
	Got that bit. Changing the default profile is the obvious answer but not
	what some admins want. The objection I have run into is that this requires
	per machine changes and for a large shop this is labour intensive.
	On Win2Kx ADS this can be done through a GPO (group policy object). With
	Samba the technique has to change a little to get around the lack of ADS
	GPO support.
	Seems that with Win2kx/XPP the use of '.reg' files does not work for other
	than limited local machine changes only. The result is that running from
	the login script:
	        regedt32 /S fixup.reg
	where 'fixup.reg' contains the hive changes necessary largely does not
	work for changes other than to HKLM (HIVE_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE). I am
	searching for insight into how other admins affect profile management
	(particularly for folder redirection) in the absence of GPOs.
	John T.
	> Hope that helps
	> Cheers
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	>       Hi,
	>       I'd like to hear off-list from anyone who is currently successfully using
	>       folder redirection with an NT4 domain controller.
	>       If you are doing this, please would help me to understand your secret.
	>       There are two ways I know of that should work, however I have received
	>       feedback from separate sources that claim problems with both of these
	>       methods.
	>       I would like to include in the new book "Samba-3 by Example" a detailed
	>       presentation of how to reliably affect redirection of the "My Documents"
	>       and "Local Applications" profile resources to a network share.
	>       If you know of any site that is doing this reliably please let me know so
	>       that it can be documented for the benefit of all. The new book will be
	>       part of the Samba-3 CVS official documentation.
	>       Thanks.
	>       cheers,
	>       John T.
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