[Samba] Questions about winbind idmap ldap

Gints Neimanis gints at venta.lv
Sun Dec 14 13:07:27 GMT 2003

We are using W2K domain with Samba3 servers.
The implementation of samba servers with winbind authentication was 
Now we are looking for winbind idmap ldap backend for distributing 
winbind users ID's, and I have following question:
1. Do I need put all users from W2K domain to LDAP by hand (with export 
- import tools)?
2. Or it is possible to automatically put successfully authenticated 
users to LDAP directory with some of  useradd script?
3. Is any other documentation excepted SAMBA3 HOWTO, with closer look to 
"winbind idmap LDAP"?

Gints Neimanis

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