[Samba] Question about groups in ldap

Tilo Lutz TiloLutz at gmx.de
Fri Dec 12 12:08:14 GMT 2003


I have serveral questions about groups in ldap.

Is it possible to use different groups with the
same well known SID or is a well known SID only
allowed once?

Is it allowed to uses spaces in groupnames, e.g. "domain admins"?
Afaik groups with spaces are not posix conform.

In Samba-Developers-Guide.pdf included with samba 3.0 page 72f.
In the document well known groups have special names starting with
DOMAIN_. Can Windows clients recognize these names and translate them
into localized groupnames, like "user" or "power users" in english and
"Benutzer" and "Hauptbenutzer" in german?


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