[Samba] Re: Problems with file date/time creation and modification

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Fri Dec 12 11:52:31 GMT 2003

> I have Time precision problem between linux samba shares 
> and M$ files I want to use my tux to save files from my 
> M$ PC's. Of course I want to do incrementals copy based 
> on modification date...
> I mount my samba shares from my Windows Boxs and use 
> tools on the micro$oft boxs. (Xcopy /D or SyncroniX )
> The problem is that the modification date on the samba 
> share and on de source file on the M$ local disk is 
> sometimes different by 1s (newer or older).
> For example I create a file c:\mytest.txt the file 
> properties says Created modified at 18:30:01
> I xcopy it to my samba share window$ properties says 
> Created modified at 18:30:00 which is older! so when 
> I xcopy /D the file is copied again and again.
> I'm Running samba-2.2.7a-8.9.0 on Redhat 9.0
> My M$ boxs are both W2K and XP (on NTFS).
> I've searched a little around and set :
> dos filetime resolution = yes 'for the dos 2s 
> resolution time... and : dos filetimes = yes  
> '...for Visual C++...
> But it didn't change anything.
> Is it possible to syncronize these filetimes...?

Probably not. I believe DOS/Windows packs the time in such 
a way that they have no notion of odd seconds times. All 
seconds are even. But that is normally no problem.

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