[Samba] USRMGR.EXE now adds users :)

Karel Kulhavý clock at twibright.com
Fri Dec 12 09:27:44 GMT 2003

Was it my fault, of course.

passwd program = /bin/passwd
was wrong. Right is
passwd program = /bin/passwd "%u"

Passwd chat:
passwd chat = *ew*password* %n\n *ew*password* %n\n

I can add users, add groups, delete users, delete groups,... :)
My backend is tdbsam.

How did I find it? Was reading through /usr/local/samba/var/log.smbd and
saw a complaint that passwd program must contain %u.

Why doesn't testparm test this? If it did, it would save me two days
of experiments ;-)


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