[Samba] Re: access controls on shares

BuSab busabPasDePubMerci at nerim.net
Fri Dec 12 09:04:10 GMT 2003

le Thu, 11 Dec 2003 15:03:35 -0300, "Leandro Ariel Gomez Chavarria"
<lgomez at cencosud.com.ar> wrote :

> I solve this using the option admin users in shares, like that:
> [Finances]
> 	path = /Groups/Finances
> 	valid users = @"DOMAIN+Finances"
> 	admin users = @"DOMAIN+Domain Admins"
> Everyone who belongs to the Finances group can access the share, but
> can't modify acls from windows, but, everyone who belongs to the
> Domain Admins group can modify acls without problem, if you look in
> the smbstatus the connection is made by root.

It don't work for me. Are you talking about share ACLs or ACLs on files
and directories?


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