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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Dec 11 23:17:35 GMT 2003

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Bob Bartels wrote:

| The Windows admins don't like that my unix box has joined
| the Active Directory as a Domain Controller! What is the
| difference to joining a domain as a workstation or a
| domain controller. Why does samba need to be a domain
| controller? Is it replicating the AD? can it? How can
| I make the windows  admins happy and make sure  my
| Samba machine plays nice?

Samba doesn't have to be a PDC.  Set security = ads and make
sure that domain logons = no.

| It seems the local domain kicks my samba machine out and I
| have to re-join  every week or so. Is this a feature?

Nope.  My guess is that this is related to your
first problem.

| Secondly Home Drive Mapping from a Active Directory Share.

I'll pass here and let someone else pick up.

ciao, jerry
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