[Samba] samba3/ldap/net groupmap fails

Fabien Chevalier fabien.chevalier at supelec.fr
Thu Dec 11 19:15:27 GMT 2003

Le Thursday 11 December 2003 19:58, John Campbell a écrit :
> hi,
> we recently upgraded from samba 2.2.8a w/ldap to samba3 w/ldap
> and having troubles with domain group mappings.
> first symptom is that net groupmap list returns nothing.
> [root at lola root]# net groupmap list
> [root at lola root]#

hmmm...i'm sorry i cannot help you with this issue, but i can give some more precisions about this
strange effect.

I suppose you're using ldapsam_compat as ldap backend?

I used to use in my smb.conf the following:
passwd backend = tdbsam ldapsam_compat:ldap://
and had no issue with it.

As soon as i inverted sam backends:
passwd backend = ldapsam_compat:ldap:// tdbsam

net groupmap list didn't list any default or non default mapping.

Anybody has an explanation about this fact?


Fabien Chevalier

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