[Samba] Tall tale of woe....

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Dec 11 17:43:32 GMT 2003

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Ross McInnes (Systems) wrote:

| The main one is that a smbd process which belongs to a
| user logging in will appear in top (a cpu monitor program)
| using massives amount of CPU  etc. although the system says
| it still has about 10-15% idle, this generally stops
| everyone logging in.

I'm assuming that you are running version 2.2.x
(included with RH8)..  Have you tested 3.0 (wait until
3.0.1 if you haven't yet since there are a lot of bug
fixes in it).

What is the smbd process doing ?  Trying running strace
or get a backtrace in gdb to find out where it is spending
its time.

| When this problem occours it pushes system upto 50-80%!!!

Probably fctnl() calls when looking up data in a tdb.
Find out which tdb  (withe look in /proc/<pid>/fd to
match the file descriptor or us lsof).

Also check the network traffic at this point.

| Now i have read other peoples emails and gone through
| the archives about this and read about "failure for 4. Error =
| No route to host", "lib/util_sock.c:read_data(436)"
| and "oplocking"problems as they all appear to be more
| pronounced around the time of this high CPU/rouge smbd
| process.

Are you servning printers by chance?  If so have you
set 'disable spoolss = yes' ?  I've seen high CPU utilization
cases in relation to this param.

| However it would seem a lot of the oplocking problems
| seem to be hardware related. I use decent 3com kit here
| with a 4950 as a core and 4400's at edge (i.e not cheap
| and cheerful netgear/dlink/etc stuff) so im wondering if
| anyone else has had these problems with this kit. or if its
| not the kit what can it actually be?

use mii-tool and check the duplex settings.  And any
hardware can have problem no matter what the price tag
says :-)

| any ideas on the "read_data(436)" and "failure for 4. Error = No route to
| host" ?

Chgeck you routers.  Maybe they are getting overloaded or
are dropping packets.

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cheers, jerry
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