[Samba] Login problems with printing services

Fredrik Tolf fredrik at dolda2000.com
Thu Dec 11 02:59:35 GMT 2003

I'm having slight troubles with making Windows clients print to a
printer shared through Samba running on GNU/Linux.

The symptoms are that clients must "manually" log in to the Samba
server before attempting to print. What I mean by this is that, if the
server's NetBIOS name is eg. "sambaserv", the user must visit
\\sambaserv on his Windows workstation before attempting to
print. Print jobs initiated before this is done will not start
printing if \\sambaserv is visited afterwards (the most immediate
"solution" I have found is to restart the Windows workstation, visit
\\sambaserv, and then print again).

I suspect this might be a problem with Windows, but I don't know much
about either Windows, and not as much as I'd like about Samba either,
so I can't tell for sure.

Would someone please help me solve this?

Fredrik Tolf

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