[Samba] Excel doesn't open read-only files on SAMBA share

Murthy Kambhampaty murthy.kambhampaty at goeci.com
Wed Dec 10 23:21:21 GMT 2003

Samba version: Samba 3.0 rebuild from SRPM on RedHat 8.0 w/XFS.

I ran into this problem (which sounds a lot like Bugzilla Bug 51) when
copying files from a CD-ROM to a Samba share on a W2K client.
Double-clicking on the file name in an Explorer window gives the file not
found error, but File->Open from Excel, and double-clicking the the filename
in the file-open dialog-box works fine. The filenames all seem to be in
plain English, though some have spaces and hyphens, so the non-ASCII
characters issue doesn't seem to be present here?

Removing the read-only flag from the client-side (the user has full
permissions on the folder and contents) fixed the problem.

It's low priority, of course, but it would be nice to see this fixed.


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