[Samba] Debian + Samba 3.0 + Mac OS X 10.[2-3] -> insufficient privileges

Deim Agoston ago at lsc.hu
Wed Dec 10 21:11:40 GMT 2003

hi all,

I've read trough the list and see discussions with similar problems.
I've setup a file server and users can connect to it via SMB/CIFS.
Windows users just happy. The problem starts with the Mac users.
All Mac users are using OS X (versions 10.2,10.3).
I'm vetoing several files right now, permission inheriting turned on,
I've forced the create mode and directory mode to 0777 and has force
group = users option.

There's no problem when I create a folder, copy a file through Finder.
But when I copy a folder which has sub-folders and files under
sub-folders I got the strange "Insufficient privilege" error.

This causes much headache to me. There's no option: users want to use
Finder - and they are right - and not Terminal.

Anyone has found a solution to this very embarassing problem?
Maybe 3.0.1rc1 helps? It's a _production_ server. I wouldn't like to
lose more than 100 gigs of data.

Deim Ágoston
LSC Linux Support Center Kft.
e-mail: deim.agoston at lsc.hu

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