[Samba] NT Policies

Steve Stich steves at cgnw.com
Mon Dec 8 18:30:32 GMT 2003

This may not be related to Samba at all, but I figured I'd ask...

I've setup samba3 with an ldap backend as a pdc. All works well, clients
authenticate, etc. etc. However, when using the NT policy editor to
create system policies for my workstations I can set policies for groups
(the policy editor allows me to see my samba domain groups), but when
the client logs in they aren't applied. Setting policies for specific
users works as it should though. I believe that win2k isn't recognizing
that the user is a member of the group that policies are applicable for
and thus they are not being applied...? I don't believe this is expected
behavior, but I'm not sure. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Steve Stich
steve at ssealaska.com

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