[Samba] NT User ID with apostrophe

Hall, Ken (IDS ECCS) ken_hall at ml.com
Mon Dec 8 17:47:28 GMT 2003

I have a few users who have ID's in NT domain and AD that contain apostrophes, such as O'Neill (fo'neill) , and O'Toole (go'toole).  I've been trying to give them access to shares, but Samba doesn't
seem to like this very much.

I've been able to set up the ID's in our LDAP server so file ownership works, but according to the log messages, Samba DOMAIN authentication seems to substitute an underscore (go_toole) for the
apostrophe when sending the request to AD. Of course, AD comes back with NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER.

NT/2K servers seem to have supported this, which is why the ID's exist here in the first place.  Is this a Samba restriction?  Is there a way around it?

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