[Samba] Re: no forwardtick in filename?

Jérôme Fenal jerome.fenal at logicacmg.com
Mon Dec 8 16:33:13 GMT 2003

Holger Krull wrote:

>> Forward tick is not in the iso-8859-15 table. It is really replaced by 
>> Maybe you should switch to UTF-8, in order to be able to map the 
>> win-1252 table. Or switch back to iso-8859-1.
> seems utf-8 is the way to go, this should solve all codepage problems. 


> I just need to figure out how to read this from linux, the display there 
> gets weird now.

Use a UTF-8 aware Linux distro, as well as a UTF-8 terminal emulator if 
you use one. I personnaly use PuTTY, which handles UTF-8 quite well.
Or use the recode command.

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