[Samba] Questions about some Ethereal/log output and spoolss

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Dec 8 16:04:37 GMT 2003

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Ken Jorissen wrote:

| I started a new install on FreeBSD 5.1 using samba 2.2.8. I
| compiled with CUPS (1.1.19). Printer is HP PhotoSmart 7550 with
| executable style installer so the driver was installed manually
| through rpcclient. I worried about the "printer data" since the
| docs only said that rpcclient may set it. I tried to
| set the device mode by connecting as root from a client and
| calling up the properties dialog. However, I got a protection
| fault from both Win2k and XPPro boxes. I then proceeded trying
| newer versions of Samba and got to 3.0.1.rc1. Then I tried
| "default devmode = yes" and was finnaly able to set the device
| mode. After that I got a few page faults when bringing up the
| properties dialog but now can't reproduce the error. But I still
| see some odd things in Ethereal and the logs...
| GetPrinterDataEx request, DsDriver/printStaplingSupported
| GetPrinterDataEx reply, DsDriver/printStaplingSupported,
|     File not found (pathname error)

These are normal.  The DsDriver & DsSpooler keys are
used form printer publishing in AD.

| Also, if anyone has more details on the "printer data"

Look in the Windows registry for a locally installed printer (hint:
seearch fomr PrinterDriverData)

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