[Samba] group policies, domain policies and workstation policies without Active Directory??

Hannu Tikka hannu.tikka at rpkk.fi
Mon Dec 8 07:47:36 GMT 2003

> On Sat, 06 Dec 2003 15:47:32 -0600
> Andrew Gaffney wrote:
>> Michael_Ruzek at log.at wrote:
>> > I have the following situation: a network with 30 Windows NT Server on
>> > different sites, 800 clients with Windows XP; I want to migrate to
>> Samba
>> > instead of Windows 2003 Server, but I have the effort to manage group
>> > policies, domain policies and workstation policies on the XP Clients;
>> Do you really want to apply the XP registry hack to 800 clients?
>> Although,
>> it may no longer be necessary if you're using 3.0. Does anyone know?
> what hack are you talking about? (I'm really interested in doing this
> since
> I've posted several questions on this same list before).
> My approach was like this :
> - Samba 3 server
> - Windows XP client machines
> - Roaming profiles stored on the server
> - The client machines execute a script on logon that tries to load a
> specially customized .reg file, but fails doing it because the user that
> logs won't have priviledges enough to modify the registry (entries con
> "hkey_current_user - HKU" or similar)
> this didn't work... any ideas? :-)

Haven't tested this yet, but I have thought to create a scheduled task
which runs on Administrator privileges a .bat from netlogon share at every
logon. To that .bat I can put all updates that needs to run with
Administrator rights.
Does this sound like a potential solution?

Of course I have to create that scheduled task on every machine, but after
that everything should be quite automatic.


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